Monetize your gaming traffic

What do we offer?

Below you can find some of our most important features for our publishers, which are the reason why you should choose us :

  • No minimum traffic required to join
  • Highly targeted campaigns
  • 100% fill rate, guaranteed.
  • Dedicated support
  • Monetize unlimited websites in the gaming niche
  • Posibility of blocking campaigns for each individual website
  • Payments issued on user's request via PayPal or wire transfer
  • Minimum withdraw amount of $20.00 USD for PayPal withdraws
  • Minimum withdraw amount of $500.00 USD for Wire transfer withdraws
  • Payments sent within 7 business days (usually sooner)

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Increase your revenue with GameAds

We offer very competitive rates by maximizing revenue share for our publishers. We firmly believe if our customers are successful, we are successful.


Easy to join

We do not impose any minimum or maximum traffic in ourder to join. We allow each and every webmaster to monetize his/her website. We only request that your website is in the gaming niche.



We offer detailed reports, allowing you to analyze and maximize your revenue.


Easy to implement

We offer simple, copy-paste codes that are extremely easy to implement.



We offer payments at request, and at the end of the month. Minimum payments are just $20.00 USD.


Payment methods

We currently support Paypal and wire transfers. More options can be available upon request. Please contact us.


99% revenue share

No, it is not a joke, we offer up to 99% revenue share. We want to help publishers grow their websites. The more you grow, the more we grow!